Business Law

Southeastern Minnesota’s One-Stop Shop For Business Law

Business law is a complex world. Navigating it is not always easy. Individuals and businesses deserve a trustworthy and reliable attorney to guide them through their legal issues.

At Ryan Associates LLC, we proudly represent clients in the Rochester area of Minnesota who have business law needs. The issues we handle include:

  • Business entity formation: Get an attorney to help you build a business and prepare it for a financially successful future.
  • Real estate transactions: We can help you cover every base when buying or selling real estate properties.
  • Purchase agreements: Create legal documents with terms and conditions in your favor when purchasing goods or services.
  • Succession planning: We will look to your company’s future and determine how to pass your business to the next generation.
  • Probate: There are many complications regarding probate and business, but we will help you through them.

Consider Ryan Associates your one-stop shop for business law. You will benefit from having an attorney who understands your company without having to pay for in-house counsel. We will be there for you at any point in the life cycle of your business.

Skilled Representation In Transactions Or Litigation

Though we are primarily a transactional firm, we understand that some cases simply must proceed to court. Our skilled litigation attorneys will not hesitate to go to trial when necessary.

We Understand Your Community Because We Belong To It

Our founding attorney, Jim Ryan, was born and raised in southeastern Minnesota. He has a personal connection to the clients we serve. Because of his local roots, our firm has a unique understanding of your legal issues. We also have a thorough knowledge of local and state laws, the better to help your case.

Discuss Business With An Attorney Today

Every individual or company should have a knowledgeable attorney guiding them. Discuss your legal matters with Ryan Associates at our St. Charles office by scheduling a consultation. Call 507-225-0002, or send an email.